Fast Guard

A bodyguard is an individual who provides personal security to high-ranking officials such as celebrities, well-off people, politicians, and business executives against any harm such as kidnap, assassination, or threats. Likewise, bodyguards may also be hired to work for private and corporate business entities. Similarly, a bodyguard may choose to work with close protection alongside other trained bodyguard professionals or provide personal services to their parties of interest.

Bodyguards may be female or male depending on the choice of the potential client who wishes to hire a personal bodyguard.  On the other hand, the hired bodyguard may be armed or unarmed depending on the environment in which his or her client is. The role of a bodyguard can be very satisfying, although it is not that much exciting as numerous individuals may think. Despite the fact that on several occasions bodyguards may travel to an array of destinations, depending on the high-ranking personnel interests, what matters most is ensuring that the client’s life is well protected from any heinous attack or threat. Aside from traveling with their clients to various places to carry out their daily routines, bodyguards also are assigned with the duty of conducting a background check of the individuals that will be in close contact with their celebrities whom they are providing security, plan out movement courses, pre-search the buildings as well as search for any likely risk, and complete security checks.

Nevertheless, protectors work either alone or as a feature of a security group, and are prepared to leap to activity and safeguard their customers in any circumstance where there is a danger of provocation or assault. Additionally, for a person to become a professional bodyguard, one has to undergo specialized training in an assortment of areas that constitute; self-defense, weapons disarming, and defensive driving, depending on the choice of the bodyguard. Besides, some of the salient personality traits that a bodyguard should possess may comprise; being assertive, creative, artistic, and a natural leader. This way, the celebrity or the corporate entity that is being provided with security is assured that their safety is guaranteed as long as they are with their bodyguards.

What’s the difference between executive security services and personal security services?

In essence both positions are filled by body guards. However, there is a difference in intention depending on the subject being protected. Executive security is intended for professional environment. A high profile management employee, owner or board member can be at risk in his professional environment due to raging employees who’s feel they’ve been treated unfairly. Union disputes, board or shareholder meetings, firing an employee; these are just examples where physical altercation might rise and protection of the discussed above individual is needed.

VIP personal body guard services are intended for high profile individuals who are exposed to different kind of risk in their professional or personal environment. Celebrities and rich individuals and their loved ones are often at risk of kidnaping for ransom or due to fanatic fans, stalking, and being threatened. A different type of intention by the body guard is needed while protecting these individuals, and therefore there’s a separation of the two in the security industry.

So what are some of the distinct features that the principal may look for in a personal bodyguard for hire?

Self-confidence is one of the salient qualities of a personal bodyguard for hire. A bodyguard who seems as though he is sure about his capacity is an extraordinary obstacle to any “future assailant”, this by itself may ward the aggressor off enough to make them reconsider and go search for a simpler target. Secondly, a bodyguard ought to have great situational mindfulness, a sharp eye, and be continually checking his environmental factors. It is this quality that may distinguish and stop an eventual aggressor or professional killer before an attack starts.

Also, a personal bodyguard for hire should possess a decent expert demeanor, since it is not always guaranteed that all things go your path thus one has to stay adaptable. Similarly, celebrities and political figures tend to have an immense escort that encompasses them, and thus numerous people who are there for their advantages will often consider you to be a danger. Therefore, you need to figure out how to act professionally and diplomatically if need be to avoid any fracas.

On the other hand, hiring a bodyguard near you can be a hard task as well. This is because you have to consider a couple of factors. For instance,  the kind of services you want him to offer, if you can meet his demands in terms of the salaries among other factors. If you wanted to read on how to become a bodyguard, check our security courses page for more information.