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There are many occasions when a business needs to hire an armed security guard. Some of the more obvious locations include airports, banks, and those with goods of sensitive or high value.   The following is a comprehensive guide for companies looking to recruit the services of armed security guard/s. 
  •     Armed Security Guard Background Check
  •     Verify Insurance
  •     Armed Security Guard Skills and Ethics
  •     Agency or Direct Hire?

Armed Security Guard Background Check

To become an armed security guard with the right to carry a lethal weapon entails extensive training. This requires multiple hours to ensure a full understanding of firearm safety and handling. It also warrants in-depth background security clearances to check the absence of a criminal record and are a person of good standing. Once this has been completed the individual is given a card stating they have the right to carry a firearm while on duty. However, for a prospective employer, the presence of such a card shouldn’t be taken as conclusive proof of the right to work as an armed security guard. It’s still crucial to conduct due diligence to satisfy that the applicant doesn’t have a criminal record or their license revoked. While such background checks entail a financial outlay, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that the guard on your property is qualified to work in their field. 

Verify Insurance 

Whether you choose to take advantage of security guard services through an agency or hire directly, it’s vital to verify they have adequate insurance in place. You need to satisfy yourself that the policy covers you, your business, visitors, and clients, and is specific to that of an armed security guard.

Armed Security Guard Skills and Ethics 

The hire of any security guard warrants investigation as to their skills and ethics. When you factor in the carrying of a firearm it becomes even more vital that their ethical behavior is without question.  A good starting point is to run a credit check on the individual. A person in financial hardship may present a higher risk of unethical behavior. During the interview process, it’s advised to tailor questions to specifically determine their judgment, problem-solving skills, and willingness to abide by company protocol.  Other considerations include proficiency in reporting and documenting day-to-day tasks and incidents, so writing and technological prowess are important. Strong interpersonal skills are crucial for an armed security guard, as a large aspect of diffusing potential situations come from the ability to communicate.

Agency or Direct Hire

There are two methods by which to hire an armed security guard—directly or through an agency. Each has its advantages. Hiring via an agency:
  • An agency should carry out all the necessary background checks on each guard. This might also include a character investigation, medical, and fitness tests.
  • Good agencies keep their armed security guards current with regular weapons updates.
  • Many carry out random drug and alcohol urine analysis on their employees.
  • The agency should provide a high level of insurance cover.
This not only saves you time and, in some cases, money, but provides staunch reassurance that the armed security guards on your property are fully qualified, of sound character, and insured to carry out their tasks. Of course, hiring through an agency removes the ability to vet each individual as to their fit into your establishment. Those working through an agency might have less experience, as it’s typically seen as a route for gaining access to the industry. Hiring an armed security guard directly brings its own set of advantages:
  • You have full autonomy over the hiring process, giving the ability to tailor to the needs of your organization.
  • Those you hire develop loyalty to your company.
  • You don’t have to pay agency fees.
Disadvantages are that you’re wholly responsible for all compliance paperwork, regulations, and are liable should an incident take place due to armed security guard/s on the premises. The hiring process will take longer due to the need for advertising, interviewing, vetting, etc.

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