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Securitas Security totes itself as the leader in protective services. Securitas is a worldwide organization that provides protective services. While we are not against Securitas Security and their company structure, we are here to offer an alternative to Securitas Security that you may feel suits you and your needs better.  Every security need is different, and every security provider is different as well. If you are looking for security services, you have probably heard the name Securitas Security. It’s hard not to, they are a large worldwide company with a big marketing presence.  The size and scope of a security company does not determine their quality or lack thereof. Today, we discuss an alternative to Securitas Security. We are going to make you think twice before hiring the first company you see in a Google search.  Securitas Security is a giant company with a presence in every state in the United States and even more offices around the world. While this is impressive, it does not mean that they are the best choice for your local security needs. Our security company is slowly becoming the #1 security services company in the US. We have affiliates nationwide and hire local employees who are familiar with the area. Why Security is so Important in the modern and fast paced world that we live in today, security has become even more important than ever. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.  It feels as though everyday we are hearing about damages or losses due to the absence of security, a breach or lapse. We also hear about tragic terrorist attacks all around the world far too often.  In today’s world, security encompasses more than just the physical, it includes the extremely valuable electronic data such as banking information and government documents that need to be protected as well.  The main goal of trained security guards is to protect assets, whether physical or electronic, and act as a deterrent to violence. With the ever changing world we live in, security is becoming more important than ever. Security efforts are being ramped up worldwide in order to best protect people, assets and information.  Without properly executed security, carried out by highly skilled and trained companies and individuals we would see even more security breeches and successful terrorist attacks when we turn on the news. The importance of high level security cannot be stated enough. Luckily, there are many qualified companies who provide expert security services to help you to protect your assets.  What are Security Services Used For?  Security services are used to protect people, assets and information in a number of different ways. Physical security guards are used to protect and patrol places such as; airports, warehouses, events, malls, hotels, banks, etc. All of these places require that physical security guards be employed to patrol, monitor and protect everyone in attendance. There are also cyber security guards whose job is to protect information and ideas on the internet. Hackers are getting smarter and more technologically advanced and to combat that, highly skilled security guards are hired to protect important electronic information.  Security guards also provide other benefits to the people or businesses that employ them. For example, guards at a hotel may be able to escort hotel guests to their car, provide them with directions, or assist a guest whose keys are locked in their car. Additionally, skilled event security guards can also double as first responders as many of them are trained and certified in CPR and other life saving skills.  Should there be an unfortunate event in which an ambulance needs to be called, while waiting for first responders to arrive, a staff security guard can begin to help the victim(s). Security guards are also trained in crowd control. If a situation arises at an event where an evacuation is mandatory, security guards on site can help to direct crowds towards emergency exists safety while waiting for emergency services to arrive.  Services We Provide Like Securitas Security, we provide comprehensive security solutions that fit your needs. From on-site guarding to security monitoring, we custom tailor security solutions for you.  On-Site Security Every business and situation is unique, so we developed our on-site guarding to fit the needs of everyone. We work with you to determine what security solutions are best for you.  We provide the following: Security patrols -Access control -Loss prevention -Special event security -Emergency response services -Reception and concierge services -And much more! Mobile Security   Our fleet of mobile guards are ready and waiting to protect and secure you and your business. Our team responds promptly to alarms and can perform various other duties at the drop of a hat.  Our mobile security service includes: -Patrol inspections -Emergency response -Security escorts Remote Security Thanks to today’s technology, your site can be secured without physical guards ever being present. Remote security allows highly trained agents to monitor and respond to incidents in real time to best protect your business.  Our remote security services include:  -Alarm response -Remote patrols -Perimeter protection -Entry and exit management Our dedicated and highly trained team has the expertise and know how to execute any security need, making us a great alternative to Securitas Security.  How Much Does Security Cost?  The price you pay for high quality security will depend on the type of service you are in need of. If you are looking to hire a couple of armed guards to protect your event space for one evening only, you can expect to pay them anywhere between $15-$30 per hour, dependent on the job description. In contrast, an unarmed guard hired to work hotel security and concierge will cost on average $10-$20 per hour.  Big name security companies like Securitas Security tend to have higher prices for their service because they have the name and notoriety to get away with it. Keep in mind that the price for service does not reflect or indicate that one company is better than another. We understand that you may be working within a tight budget, but you still want to be sure that your business or event is secure and the assets and people in attendance are safe. For this reason, we offer affordable security solutions that fit any budget.  We believe that everyone should have access to high quality security services without breaking the bank. We quote affordable and realistic prices that are custom tailored to your specific needs.  Experience the Local Difference  As an alternative to Securitas Security, our locally based teams can provide you with custom tailored security solutions right in your home town. While it may be impressive to see a security company with a presence in every state, it can also be a downside because they are not locally focused in any one area. Our company, on the other hand, is based right here and we focus on providing the security services that fit our community best. Our team is knowledgeable about the area because this is where we live and work. With our focus right here in the local community, we have the best security solutions for the people and businesses right here.  No Corporate Hoops to Jump Through There is a big difference between hiring a local security company and a national corporate company. The main difference is the customized care, attention and solutions that a local company can provide that a corporate giant may not be able to.  Big name companies with a worldwide presence have a set structure, set of rules and policies to follow. While it is great that they have developed a workable structure to execute security services, we believe that flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to security services.  No one company’s needs are the same, therefore, their security solutions should not be the same either. There is no one size fits all solutions to security services, they should be custom tailored to suit specific needs.  With a corporate company that has a worldwide presence, they need to focus on consistency and follow a rigid set of rules when it comes to providing security solutions. This can be very advantageous for some, but they may not be able to provide the perfect security solution for a business because it may not fall within their rigid structure.  If you feel that your company has unique security service needs, you may be better off choosing a locally owned and operated security company who is willing and able to work within the scope of your business.  Protection with a Personal Touch Hiring small, local security companies for your security needs have many benefits, one of them being that they can offer secure protection with a personal touch.  When you are servicing thousands of clients worldwide, it is difficult to get to know each company on a personal level and provide personalized service to them. As an alternative to Securitas Security, we provide the personal touch that many companies feel sets us apart.  Since we are a local security company, we have the ability to work with the clients that we want and to get to know them on a personal level. We feel that in order to provide the best security for you, we need to get to know you and your business.  We take the time to understand who you are, what your business does and what your security needs are based on that. After understanding your business and unique security needs, we custom tailor a security solution to best serve you. Many event security providers have set in stone services and while they may be quality, they don’t allow for accommodation of specific needs.  When you pick up the phone to call us, you can rest assured that you are speaking with a representative right here in your hometown who knows your business and security needs. When you contact a large company, you are dialing into a 1-800 number and speaking with a rep who thinks of you as just another client.  If you are looking for service with a personal touch; a company who you can trust to build a great working relationship with for years to come, you may want to skip hiring the big name companies and go with the local guys.  Training and Certification  You may be under the impression that the big time security companies have the resources to train their employees better than a smaller company. We are here to tell you that this is not the case.  All security companies, big or small, generally have access to the same trainings and certifications. Whether or not a company requires their employees to participate in certain trainings or certifications is another thing.  As an alternative to Securitas Security, we can proudly say that we provide our employees with just as much or even more training than Securitas. We have required trainings and certifications, but also provide opportunities for or security team to specialize in certain areas by constantly continuing their education.  We are not suggesting that Securitas does not value continued learning and education, simply that with a staff that large, allowing employees to customize their expertise is a bit trickier.  We keep up to date with all of the latest technologies and training opportunities out there. We want our clients to have the best, most up tot date security solutions for their business.  In conclusion, it may seem like the logical choice for security is the big name company, however, we offer an alternative to Securitas Security. We provide similar services with a tight knit and personal feel.  Our local security company provides more of a personal touch when it comes to providing high quality security services to protect your business, employees and assets.  With a highly trained team who keeps up to date the latest and best security technology, you can get the big name service without the big name price.  We pride ourselves on offering high tech security solutions with a personal touch and security solutions that are unique and tailored to your specific needs. If you’re looking for top notch security service find us @ //