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Why Choose Fast Guard Service Over Securitas Security?

Securitas Security is a well-known name in the protective services industry, renowned for its extensive global presence. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Fast Guard Service offers a personalized approach tailored to your specific needs, making us a top alternative to Securitas Security. Here’s why:

Local Expertise and Personalized Service

Experience the Local Difference

Unlike large corporations that operate nationwide, Fast Guard Service focuses on local expertise. Our affiliates and employees are familiar with the areas they serve, providing security solutions that are specifically tailored to local needs. This local knowledge ensures a more effective and responsive security service.

Personalized Attention

Large security firms often have rigid structures and policies. While this might work for some, it can lead to a lack of flexibility. Fast Guard Service prides itself on offering custom solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each client. We take the time to understand your business and security needs, ensuring a personalized service that larger companies might struggle to provide.

Comprehensive Security Services

On-Site Security

Every business and situation is unique, so we offer customizable on-site guarding services:

  • Security Patrols
  • Access Control
  • Loss Prevention
  • Special Event Security
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Reception and Concierge Services

Mobile Security

Our fleet of mobile guards is always ready to protect and secure your business with services including:

  • Patrol Inspections
  • Emergency Response
  • Security Escorts

Remote Security

Using advanced technology, our remote security solutions provide real-time monitoring and incident response without the need for physical guards:

  • Alarm Response
  • Remote Patrols
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Entry and Exit Management

Affordable and High-Quality Security Solutions

Competitive Pricing

Security doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer affordable rates for high-quality services. Whether you need armed guards for an event or unarmed guards for hotel security, our prices are competitive and transparent.

Expert Training and Certification

Continuous Learning

We ensure our team is highly trained and certified, staying updated with the latest security technologies and practices. Our commitment to continuous education means we provide top-notch security services that meet the highest standards.

Why Security is Crucial Today

In our fast-paced world, security has never been more important. From physical threats to cyber attacks, protecting assets, people, and information is crucial. Security guards act as a deterrent to crime and provide essential protection in various settings, including:

  • Airports
  • Warehouses
  • Events
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Banks

Additional Benefits

Security guards can also assist with tasks such as:

  • Escort Services
  • Providing Directions
  • CPR and First Aid

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right security provider is essential. Fast Guard Service offers a personal touch, local expertise, and flexible solutions that large corporations might not be able to match. Our commitment to high-quality, affordable security services makes us a top alternative to Securitas Security.

For top-notch security services tailored to your needs, contact Fast Guard Service today.