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If you’re at all familiar with different types of security systems, you’ll have heard of monitored and unmonitored security systems. Both have various pros and cons, and it’s essential to have an idea of the two systems before deciding which is best for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of each system and make sure you’re set to make the best decision on the security system for you.

What Are Monitored Security Systems?

Simply put, monitored security systems are systems that are actively monitored by a professional security monitoring company. If a break-in, fire or any other type of emergency situation occurs then the security team will be notified. If the situation is extremely serious then emergency services will also be contacted.

Benefits Of Monitored Security Systems

Understandably monitored security systems are higher in cost than unmonitored security systems but are also more secure. Having a security team that can be readily notified if a situation arises, helps you know that you’re property or business is protected when you’re away.

You also don’t have to rely on the aid of others or your neighbors if a break-in does occur, you won’t have to worry about untrained professionals potentially having to risk their lives to keep your home secure. If you have a proficient monitored home security system in place, then it also secures you in case of other emergencies such as a fire breaking out in your home or at your place of work. 

What Types Of Businesses Should Have Monitored Security Systems?

Nearly every business can benefit from having a monitored security system in place. If you run any commercial business where goods or money will be left overnight, then a monitored security system should be in place. A break-in, loss of goods/stock or loss of money can be devastating to a business. It’s vital to have your business taken care of with a proper security system. 

A business’s budget will dictate the level of security which it can afford. Luckily there are different types of monitored security systems available. A combination of CCTV installation and an intrusion detection alarm is a good starting point in security for any business looking to improve their security

What Are Unmonitored Security Systems?

Unmonitored or self-monitored security systems are those which allow you to keep tabs on your home or business through your smartphone or tablet. These systems can usually be installed yourself or by a professional. 

Typical unmonitored security systems include a control panel, motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke detectors, and sirens. Unmonitored security systems can vary a lot, and it’s up to the individual or business the level of security they choose to go with.

Benefits Of Unmonitored Security Systems

The most obvious benefit of an unmonitored security system is price. They are much cheaper than monitored security systems. Most of the cost is removed due to you monitoring the system by yourself. Unmonitored systems can be convenient and will still provide your home or business with a good level of security should an incident occur. 

Get An Expert Opinion

The experts at Fast Guard Security Service can help you determine the level of security necessary for your home or business. With both unmonitored and monitored security systems to choose from, you can be sure that your most prized assets are safe and secure. 

It’s essential to consider the security level you want for your business or home. A monitored security system will bring you greater peace of mind but at a higher cost, whereas an Unmonitored security system may be slightly more convenient. Let the experts help you decide which is right for you.