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If you are looking to get a job as a security officer, you are likely questioning if security guards make good money. The answer to this question will depend on many variables, but this article will attempt to give you some insight and clarity. 

Security Guard Jobs

The amount of money you make at a security guard job will depend greatly on the following factors: 

Experience: As in any line of work, the more experience that you have in the field, the more likely you are to get a higher paying position. Luckily, experience in the security jobs field comes in many forms. If you have any law enforcement or military experience, you have an edge on most other candidates. Experience working with people and/or the public also gives you a leg up on the competition. The better fine-tuned your public relations skills are, the more likely you are to secure a higher paying job.  

Training: Professional security training should be at the forefront of anyone who wants to get a job as security officer. There are many entities that offer training for security officers. If you participate in a more advanced or specified training, you are setting yourself up to get a higher paying security guard job. What you lack in experience, you can make up for in training. By gathering as many certifications through accredited training programs as possible, you are increasing your likelihood of getting the higher paying jobs. 

Focus and Dedication: The more focused and dedicated you are to making your career as a security officer work, the more money you will get paid throughout time. Most every new security guard has to start at the bottom, meaning you are likely getting paid $10-$15 per hour and may be working the graveyard shift. Through focus and dedication, you can set your sights on a management position or a position of being an armed guard at a government agency where you will make closer to $30 per hour. 

At the end of the day, if being a security guard is a career path that you would like to explore, you will get out of it what you put into it. 

If you take the time to complete as many trainings and certifications as possible, you are setting yourself up for a successful career in the security field. 

While you may get lucky and land a high paying security job right off the bat, that is not the norm. Most security officer start at the bottom of the chain and through hard work and dedication to continued learning in their field, they work their way into the higher paying jobs. 

There are many different kinds of security jobs available and with a little luck and a lot of dedication, security guards can make a great income. 

If you are considering making professional security your job, we hope you consider the information in this article when determining if a job as a security officer is profitable and sustainable. 

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