Event security has always been important as any event planner, promoter, agency or venue is fully aware of. There is always a need for crowd control at big events, plus the crowd itself must be protected from outside threats, and then there is the talent or reason that so many people have gathered for an event which must also be protected. Armed guards and experienced event security teams should be a fixture at any event.

In today’s world, sadly, there is an extremely dangerous threat that any event coordinator or facilitator must account for, and that is terrorism. It is a tragic reality that terrorism is a part of everyday modern life. Just turn the television news on for two minutes or surf the Internet for a few seconds and you will find horrifying tales of terrorist activity, of people being attacked, hurt and killed wherever people gather in masses.

Even movie premieres and office Christmas parties are no longer safe, just ask the communities of Denver and San Bernardino. Office parties and movie viewings are extremely small events, yet there were enough people gathered to attract terrorists in those instances. What about big events, where thousands and even tens of thousands of people gather. Event security is more important now than ever, as events are natural bullseyes for the nefarious terrorists that plague most any community today.

Event security can secure and protect:

  • Concerts
  • Parades
  • Religious events
  • Speaking engagements
  • Pageants
  • Festivals
  • Conventions
  • Political gatherings and debates
  • Rallies

Whatever the event, the modern day planner has to allow for extra security, and should hire a security firm that is not only experienced with event security, but with fighting terrorism as well. Event security specialists understand they must protect the property, the venue, the guests, and those working at any event. Event security that is trained in anti-terrorist tactics will also know what to look for to help prevent or quickly end any attempted terrorist attack.

You don’t want your event to become another news story for the wrong reasons, and you don’t want your guests to be threatened by any potential terrorist activity. With all of the big events in Southern Florida, especially in the Miami and South Beach Areas, Fast Guard Service Event Security is the most capable security firm in the area. Fast Guard Service provides armed security and experienced event security guards and teams that are trained in up to date anti-terrorism techniques.

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