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The frequency of terrorist attacks in America can vary. After all, it depends on various factors. It includes the geopolitical situation, the activities of terrorist, and the security measures in place. But the fact that terrorism is present in America remains a fact. That is why it is imperative to be able to prevent it.

For this, first of all, it is important to observe if you see suspicious activity in the subway, center, cafe, etc., it is important to report about it to the security service. It is also important to watch people’s actions if they behave weirdly. It could include unusual purchases, theft of explosive materials, or suspicious internet activity.

Cooperation between the FBI, local police, and security agencies is also a vital part of preventing terrorist attacks. Ensuring that information is shared promptly will help identify potential hazards early. 

Of course, it is essential to be vigilant in public places. It helps to prevent terrorism quickly. If you notice strange things in the public, warn others about it. Together, you can act more effectively in such situations.

Although the United States has a history of terrorist attacks, they actively works to prevent them. Fast Guard Service is very active in this. Professional security knows how to act in such circumstances and reduce the risks of this. Thus, cooperating with us and warning us about terrorism is also essential.

Statistics on Terrorist Attacks in America

In recent years, the United States has experienced many devastating terrorist attacks. They have had a profound impact on the nation, and understanding the statistics behind these attacks is crucial. It is to understand the magnitude of the issue at hand.

According to data compiled by the Global Terrorism Database, between 2001 and 2020, there were 2,976 American terrorist attacks. These incidents resulted in a staggering loss of 3,523 lives and left over 7,000 people injured. These numbers are a solemn reminder of the harsh reality faced by many in this country.

Geographically, certain regions of the USA have experienced higher incidences of terrorist attacks. The states of New York, California, and Florida have consistently ranked among the top in terms of number of attacks. It may be attributed to their large populations and iconic landmarks. It, unfortunately, makes them attractive targets for terrorist attacks.

By analyzing these statistics, it becomes clear that the threat of terrorism is an ongoing concern for America. Solutions to this complex issue need a multifaceted approach. It involves law enforcement agencies, security services, community outreach, etc.

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How to Protect Yourself During Terrorist Attacks?

Terrorists are those who wage war against peaceful citizens. Unfortunately, explosions with many victims have ceased to be unique events. So, when faced with such a disaster, it is vital to protect yourself.

Becoming a victim of terrorism, people immediately panic. Because of this, they block a sober assessment of situations. This way, they act in a hurry. But the most critical thing in a terrorist attack is to keep calm. Of course, this is almost impossible for some people, but at least avoiding severe panic will help you handle the situation better.

In case of panic, be sure to remove your tie or scarf. Also, you need to free your hands from all objects. Nothing should hinder you when moving, evacuating, and so on. So, ensure maximum comfort for yourself if possible. What are some other tips for preventing terrorist attacks? Read on:

  • Look for Shelter

In times of terror, it is important to seek shelter immediately. It can act as a barrier between you and potential danger. It reduces the risk of physical injury or death. In addition, it provides an opportunity to remain calm and assess the situation.

  • Avoid Windows

When hiding from a terrorist event, it is vital to avoid windows around. It reduces the risk of physical injury due to a possible explosion or shooting. A window can be an easy target for attackers and does not provide sufficient protection. Instead, seek cover in safe places away from windows. Hide between the walls, under the table, but not near the windows.

  • Call 911

During terrorist attacks, calling 911 is extremely important. After all, it involves law enforcement agencies and armed guards. It allows for prompt assistance and coordination in response to an emergency.

  • Use Natural Barriers

It is also important to use natural barriers to protect yourself. It can be walls, cars, or any available obstacles. It allows you to avoid the direct impact of an attack, which may include explosions or gunfire. Thus, such barriers can save your life and health.

  • Follow the Government’s Instructions

If you are surrounded by law enforcement officers, follow their instructions without hesitation. It is crucial because they can access information to manage the terrorist attack. Following the instructions helps keep you calm and safe. It lowers the risk of injuries and facilitates the coordination of rescue operations in emergencies.

Terrorist Attacks On Events

Terrorist Attacks On Events 

The scope and scale of American terrorist attacks on events vary from bombings and vehicular attacks to armed assaults and hostage situations. So, no event can be considered immune from the threat. Local, national, and international gatherings have all experienced the devastating effects of these acts of violence.

Terrorist attacks on events have become an unfortunate reality. It forces event organizers and security services to adopt strong measures to protect attendees. The rise in these attacks highlights the importance of comprehensive security planning. It shows the need for constant vigilance in today’s world.

According to statistics, there has been a significant increase in terrorist attacks on events in recent years. In 2019 alone, there were over 900 recorded attacks targeting various types of events worldwide. These attacks resulted in thousands of casualties. They left lasting psychological scars on survivors and the affected communities.

From this, it can become clear that the need for security services is exceptionally high in everyday life. Event security can detect suspicious activities and risks in time. It prevents terrorism and its victims. Event organizers should also prioritize establishing evacuation plans and emergency response procedures. By conducting regular training sessions for staff, organizers ensure everyone is well-prepared to handle crises.

How Fast Guard Can Protect the Masses from Terrorist Attacks

If you want to reduce the statistics of American terrorist attacks, contact Fast Guard Service. With the help of specific skills and real-time threat assessment, we know how to prevent such problems. Our specialists have professional training. They know how to deal with terrorism and save as many people as possible. Our commitment to public safety makes us a formidable ally in the fight against terrorism. This way, it provides peace of mind to communities and individuals alike.


  • What is the US terrorism list?

In the United States, the terrorism list is a crucial tool for national security. Officially named the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN List), it includes individuals and groups considered threats due to their involvement in terrorist activities.

  • What are the 5 common types of terrorism?

Terrorism takes various forms, and five common types include:

  • Political Terrorism;
  • Religious Terrorism;
  • Cyberterrorism;
  • Environmental Terrorism;
  • Domestic Terrorism.


  • How often is terrorism in the USA?

The frequency of terrorism incidents in the USA varies over time. The frequency of such events can change due to evolving threats and the effectiveness of counterterrorism measures. So, there are no exact statistics about it.

  • Which is responsible for protecting the US from terrorism?

Protecting the US from terrorism is a collective effort involving multiple agencies. The Department of Homeland Security plays a central role in coordinating counterterrorism efforts. Other key agencies are the FBI and the CIA. They work together to detect and respond to potential threats.

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