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Executive protection is a very specific area of security, one that’s very different from that of hiring a bodyguard. The service, also referred to as “close protection”, is about proactively defining risk to the person/s being guarded, and putting tactical plans in place to mitigate that threat.

The high-risk climate of today means many business executives, dignitaries, and other individuals require executive protection. The following is a guide that will help determine if your business would benefit from strategic corporate executive protection services.

  • What is executive protection?
  • Mitigating risk
  • Impact of loss
  • Individuals who benefit from executive protection services

What is executive protection?

Whereas a bodyguard will react to an immediate threat to their client, executive protection is a complete service that assesses risk to the person, reduces its likelihood, and have specific pre-determined plans to react should a challenge occur. The ultimate example of executive protection is that which is afforded to the President of the USA by the Secret Service.

Mitigating Risk

The whole ethos behind executive protection is that of mitigating risk. In other words, determining where such risk might arise and putting in place the strategies necessary to prevent an event occurring in the first place. This proactive approach covers many areas, including:

  • Prominence: The more well known the person, the higher the risk of them being approached. While this might innocuous, the more people in close quarters with a person, the larger the potential for a threat to occur. For those who are instantly recognizable—such as celebrities and sportspeople—fans present the primary challenge. Others, such as executives, dignitaries, and politicians, might have less “persons of interest” approach them, but the risk level from each might be considerably higher.
  • Specific threats: This a key aspect of executive protection, and involves the monitoring of intelligence to identify real, probable, and possible threats from individuals and groups of interest.
  • Traffic and travel: Traveling presents one of the largest single risks, be it from the danger of an accident, terrorist activity, or that of being targeted during what is a vulnerable time. Aspects such as kidnap, attempts on life, and theft are just some of the possible incidents that a bespoke executive protection will consider.
  • Online threats: Personal and work devices present an avenue through which an executive can be targeted. The security of these is crucial, with all devices needing to have the latest protection and any sensitive data much be fully encrypted. In addition, education about online behaviors is essential, as executives and persons of prominence are not only among the biggest targets for phishing attacks, but social media habits should be carefully considered. This includes that of members of their families.

Such strategic risk analysis is not restricted to the above, but it gives a good overview of what goes on behind the scenes when a professional team is tasked with executive protective surveillance.

Impact of loss

The particular strategy put in place is largely influenced by the impact of loss should a breach occur. Should a corporate individual be targeted, harmed, or even killed, this would have widespread consequences—including that of the impact on their family.

When it comes to company interests, this includes that of the corporation itself, its shareholders, and other factors, such as the loss of sensitive information, company reputation, a break in continuity, and more. 

Individuals who benefit from executive protection services

The following is a list of those who might benefit from executive protection surveillance: 

  • High-level executives (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, etc.)
  • Celebrities
  • Athletes
  • Politicians
  • Musicians
  • Dignitaries
  • Anyone in possession of sensitive information or objects of high value

Families and loved ones of such individuals may also need the services of executive protection.

Fast Guard’s bespoke corporate executive protection 

Global security company, Fast Guard Service, is trusted by some of the world’s leading companies to put robust executive protection in place for their highest levels of executives. Fast Guard’s in-depth industry experience means your company benefits from the ultimate executive protection services, including additional facets such as executive security drivers, surveillance, and online education.

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