As fires rage in Northern California, one can’t help but think about the loss: of life, of precious memories, of livelihood.

The Dixie Fire, the second largest wildfire in the U.S., has already turned 322,000 acres of California land to ashes. Burning mostly in remote areas, the Dixie Fire took a turn for the worst as erratic winds blew it towards Lake Almanor, a popular vacation spot.

Northern California Fires

A lot of these are communities affected by the Camp Fire in 2018, still rebuilding and recovering from devastation.

All this to say, things can change as quickly as the wind blows.

That’s why Fast Guard wants to keep you safe with Fire Watch services.

In the state of California, you are required by State and Federal Law to hire a fire watch security guard and implement a fire watch if your building’s fire alarm system and/or a water-based fire protection system, such as a sprinkler system, is inoperational.

But why wait?

While being mindful of all COVID-19 safety guidelines, we check your site from top to bottom for any extreme fire hazard situations, during times of higher risk. Usually that means when there’s welding or soldering. Right now, Northern California is at high-risk because of these flames.

Fire Watch Services

With Fast Guard Fire Watch services, we will have a guard at your location within 4 hours. Then our guards stay on-site until your fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational, and have been inspected and approved by the Fire Marshall.

After our risk assessment, we tailor our service to your needs. We work with residences, businesses, campuses, hotels, and construction sites, providing all of our clients with 24/7 fire watch security. We know that different spaces require different custom fire watch solutions.

With blazes like we’re seeing in California, we have also been working tirelessly to help those already affected by fires stay safe. Using our knowledge of fire safety and security, we have worked to secure the evacuation routes used by those seeking asylum from the flames, and setting up evacuation camps.

Fast Guard What Matters

At odds with the uncertainty of the flames and the added pressures of keeping people safe from COVID-19, Fast Guard has been doing all we can. Whether it’s prevention, evacuation, or safe place to rest, we’ve got California’s back.

Call us toll-free at 1-844-254-8273 to see what security we can bring to your life.

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