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Why You Need To Hire a Fire Watch Guard

Hiring Fire Watch Guards in Alabama helps keep vulnerable property, equipment, and people safe from dangerous fire hazards. Typically, fire watch guards are deployed in an area where a fire alarm has malfunctioned or is down. If the business or occupancy does not have fire watch in place then the fire marshall has the authority to fine and shut down the business. Fire watch officers act as an extra safety measure to keep valuable capital, infrastructure, and any people on the premise out of harm’s way due to a fire.

While only a temporary solution during the interim that fire systems are not working properly, fire watch guards are extremely important because at these times, property is at extremely high-risk for ignition. Whether the risk is the type of work being performed or the lack of other safety measures, a fire watch company can serve as peace of mind that the things that are most important will be out of harm’s way.

Fires do not discriminate. Tragic fire accidents can cause complete losses of warehouses, businesses, factories, apartment buildings, or hotels. Choosing the right fireguard company is an important component of proactive crisis management for any commercial structure. Fast Guard Service Fire Watch Guards provides reliable, expert-level fire watch guards to ensure fire won’t damage or destroy any property.

Fast Guard Service USA Offers Fire Watch Services for the following:

• Commercial buildings
• School Campus
• Hotel
• Retail space
• Condminium
• Special Event

Fire Watch During Malfunctioning or Down Fire Detection Systems

It’s crucial to maintain a constant fire detection system. Ideally, this means properly working sprinkler systems, fire and smoke detectors, fire extinguishing systems, and water supplies. Sometimes, one or all these aspects of the system may be malfunctioning, compromised or altogether not working. To provide the necessary fire guard services during these system-down times, Fast Guard Services has the professional and fully certified guards you need.

At times, impairments may be planned maintenance periods that must regularly occur. Examples of scheduled impairments include building renovations or system updates. Unplanned impairments can also occur due to damage, outdated infrastructure, electrical faultiness, or a leak. Depending on what the issue is and what caused it, it may be a lengthy repair time, creating an interim of impairment that puts the entire location at risk. During these vulnerable periods of time, there are lives, equipment, and property at stake that must be protected from any threat of fire or explosion.

While the proper maintenance repairs are made to the fire detection system, a human detection system is the next best thing to keep everyone and everything on site safe. Since they are inevitable events whether planned or unplanned, it’s a good idea to have a chosen company for fire watch guards on hand so that backup is just one call away. A Fast Guard Service fire watch guard can act as that physical fire detection system, thoroughly maintaining safe conditions and ensuring the entire area is not under immediate threat.

One fire guard can make the difference between a catastrophe and a minor accident. Keeping them around the clock during the period of impairment is the best defense against potentially disastrous incidents. As soon as a faulty fire detection system is noticed, Fast Guard Service is able to immediately dispatch licensed fire watch guards to the scene. Fast Guard Service’s fire watch guards will also remain on location until the full functions of the fire detection system are operational and the entire system has been inspected and certified by the Fire Marshall.

The Duties of a Fire Watch Guard

Our fire watch services will meet the needs of each job while following a set of protocols and tasks that are applicable to all situations. Once local personnel familiarize our guards with the layout of the area, they will conduct regular rounds of the entire location.

Depending on the needs of the location, rounds can be performed every 15 minutes or every hour. Rounds include checking all emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and high-risk ignition areas. Guards arrive equipped with all the materials needed for an efficient and safe notification and evacuation in case of fire. They will have keys that access the full building and all materials used to record information on each round.

Guards will report on start and end times of each round, any problem areas they noticed, and any communications with the Department of Public Safety or local fire departments.

To ensure the full safety of your property, call Fast Guard Service, LLC. We’ll make sure that your person and property are protected from any fire risks. Our fully-certified and friendly guards will ensure that you are in good hands.

Our security guard fire watch services are the most comprehensive you will find. Fast Guard Service covers the following:

  • Businesses
  • Retail Spaces
  • Carnivals
  • Food & Wine Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Jewlery Shows
  • Movie Sets
  • School Campus Events

Don’t take chances! Relax knowing that you called Fast Guard Service LLC and your fire watch is in the hands of professionals.

  • Hotel Security – 24/7 security and monitoring
  • Hospital Security – When the hospital or patients needs trained specialists, we’re here
  • VIP Bodyguards – We have guarded and protected many VIP’s of all stature
  • Commercial Security – Any and all properties of any size

What Exactly is Fire Watch?

In short, a Fire Watch Guard is a provisional arrangement in which a person or patrol physically checks buildings and/or other property for extreme fire hazard situations. Fire Watches are normally conducted when the probabilities of a fire-related incident are high. For example, anytime that ‘hot work’ construction processes are taking place on-site (common ‘hot work’ processes are welding, soldering, flame-cutting, riveting and brazing). Another typical ‘high-probability’ example would be in the case of malfunctioning alarm and/or sprinkler systems.

What do Fire Watch Teams Do?

The duties of fire protection personnel may vary between jobs and location sites, but there are basic tasks that come with each position. In the course of their duties, our trained personnel, (who are familiarized with the layout), will check all exits and fire extinguishers. They will have on their person, the materials necessary to execute a fast evacuation and to notify any other occupants in the event of a fire. In most cases, Fast Guard’s personnel would also carry a portable horn, a flashlight, a full all-access set of keys to the premises, writing materials and a copy of their specific duties.

When are Fire Watches Conducted?

Whether in 15-minute increments or on the hour, patrol rounds are conducted on a regular basis and a log is kept recording each round. Accepted entries include the address of the facility, start and end times for the round, names of the fire watch patrol and entries for any communication that occurred between the hired personnel and either the fire department or the Department of Public Safety. Personnel should also wear (at all times) a clearly visible form of identification (such as a vest or hat). In many cases, Fast Guard’s personnel may work in concert with municipal or volunteer fire departments.

What Fire Watch Teams Don’t Do

The marching orders for a given Fire Protection team may vary from site to site (and from state to state) but most personnel are given clear instruction not to extinguish a fire unless it is clearly safe for them to do so, (or unless they have been expressly instructed or given permission to do so). In general, guards should not attempt any tasks that could not be completed safely by the average citizen.

So Does My Business Need Fire Watch Services or Not?

Now that you know what Fire Watch Services are, (whether you are a commercial real estate owner, a property manager or any other type of potential customer), if you’re still asking yourself whether or not you need Fire Watch Services, chances are you probably do.

As we have said, Fire Watch Services are typically needed when a building either has a fire alarm that is down or a sprinkler system that is malfunctioning. We talked a little about ‘hot work’ as well, but other reasons might include a burglar alarm or an access control system that is malfunctioning, or in response to power outages related to a natural disaster. In most cases a call your local Fire Marshall will be able to let you know if you need fire watch.

Fast Guard Service provides security guard fire watch services nationwide. We provide skilled fire watch officers that can be dispatched in under two hours. Fire Watch Guards can be deployed 24/7 or as needed. Fast Guard Service provides security solutions for:

  • Business owners
  • Private property
  • Parties
  • Stadiums
  • Night Clubs
  • Concerts
  • EDM Festivals
  • Public expositions and gatherings 

Whatever your need, whatever type of property you possess or manage, and whatever type of fire watch service you need, Fast Guard can help.

Contact Fast Guard Service Alabama today for a consultation and free quote. Our fire watch guard services are effective, affordable and comprehensive. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact Fast Guard Service Alabama today and have all your fire watch needs handled quickly and effectively.

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