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The unfortunate events of the last few years have shown us that ensuring the security of large crowds in gathering places like stadiums is more important than ever. We provide unique, custom tailored stadium security solutions that meet the specific needs of your stadium. 

Our team is comprised of expert problem solvers who are certified in crisis management, first aid and emergency evacuation. No one wants to think about the risk of a terrorism attack on their venue, but unfortunately, it is in your best interest to be prepared for the worst by hiring the best. 

If your stadium is planning an event with a large crowd, we create a custom security solution that is based on the size of the venue, number of attendees and length of the event. We ensure that every angle is covered and that your event and stadium are as secure as possible. 


How Fast Guard Service’s Stadium Security Can Help You:

Anti-Terrorism Protection

The risk of terrorist acts is ever-increasing, which poses a unique security challenge to any venue that hosts large crowds. Terrorist attacks, or random acts of violence often come without warning and put large numbers of people at risk for injury and death. 

Preventing these situations from occurring requires fully trained guards that have the ability to assess and coordinate an effective deterrent and response to the threat. 

Our company supplies your stadium with highly trained and certified security guards who are equipped to handle unexpected security challenges while working seamlessly with the public. 

Our goal is to reduce your risk and liability, but also to ensure that your event attendees enjoy their experience in the most secure environment possible. Our security experts are highly trained in a wide variety of protective services to give you peace of mind that our team will swiftly and efficiently handle any situation that arises. 

Our Stadium Security Services Include: 

-Ant-terrorism response and deterrent 

-ID and access control

-VIP personal protection

-Emergency response, First Aid and AED

-Management of aggressive guests

-Crowd, traffic, and parking control 

Custom Stadium Security Services

We provide security guards that specifically suit your stadium, culture and event needs. Our guards act as a visible deterrent to those who aim to cause harm or trouble. 

We work hard to develop a stadium security plan that does more than just offer an imposing presence and the appearance of security. We customize protocols for your stadium that decrease your risk and liability while maximizing your security budget. 

Our fully trained team are able to handle crisis situations by taking the appropriate actions to ensure the protection of your guests. We are fully equipped to handle medical emergencies and ready to administer CPR, First Aid and other life saving measure if needed. 

Additionally, our stadium security services are geared towards adding value to your event by acting as a concierge and trusted authority figure to rely on. You can rest assured that your stadium and attendee’s are in good hands when you trust us as your number one source for stadium security. 




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