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For banks and other financial institutions, security isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. 

Banks work with large sums of physical money on a daily basis and they are open to the public which puts them at risk for serious threats. 

Every financial institution should have several layers of security in order to properly protect themselves. From building and employee security, to customer protection, your financial institution needs a proper security strategy in place to handle the complex and challenging nature of the job. 

Our company is the team you need on your side when it comes to bank security. Our team has the highly specific knowledge of financial institution security needs and we work closely with you to assess your current security detail, identify areas for improvement, and devise an effective plan that ensures the safety of your institution and all those inside it

How Fast Guard Service’s  Bank Security Can Help You:

We recognize that the world today is a dangerous one and a being in the banking industry puts you at a higher risk for crime. A vigorous security plan is essential to keeping your institution, employees and customers safe.

We work closely with you to create a custom security solution that fits the unique needs of your financial institution. Our experience and dedication to security translates to the highest quality security and monitoring possible for your institution.

We help identify risks in your bank and then come up with a plan to minimize or eliminate those risks. When planning your institution’s security detail, we ask the following questions:

-Have your risks been properly identified and flagged?

-Is your current security plan up to date?

-Is your current security provider following your plan consistently and carefully?

By posing and answering these questions, we are able to dissect your current security plan and identify ways to make it better.

You put can’t a price on the safety and security of your bank, employees and customers. Our team works hard to make sure that you are receiving the highest quality service available that works.

Our Security Guards

When you choose to work with us for your financial institution’s security, you can rest assured that you are working with the most experienced and trained team available.

Each and every one of our guards is carefully vetted and trained specifically in the unique industry of bank security. In addition to intense training, our guards have the experience to back it up.

We have been working with financial institutions for years, giving us the edge over our competitors. Our guards are clean cut and wear professional uniforms.

We get to know you, your employees and customers so that we can provide the most personal and custom tailored security solutions for your institution.


Don’t wait for tragedy to happen, hire Fast Guard Service, NOW

We offer a full range of financial institution services to handle every aspect of your security needs. No matter how large or how small your institution, we have the security solution for you. 

Our services include: 

  • Armed or unarmed guards
  • 24-hour watch
  • Armed car transportation
  • Bank teller access control
  • Parking lot supervision
  • After hour patrols
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Loss prevention
  • Daily reporting




  • Low Rates
  • No Contract
  • Highly Trained & Professional Guards
  • 24/7 Dispatch
  • Emergency Dispatch

WE ARE LICENSED AND INSURED Private Investigation License #A1400070 | Security Agency License #B1300279


Security Services


Security Guard Speaking

We guarantee immediate dispatch and an event security guard on-site in 4 hours or less.


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Stay protected by our highly trained consultants who tailor their services to your specific needs.


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Experienced private investigators will provide you with fast and reliable information.

  • Private Detectives
  • Child Custody
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Cheating Spouse Surveillance
  • Background Check & Employment Verification
  • GPS Tracking