We’ve all had a laugh or two watching untimely falls or candid moments on home security footage, especially if it isn’t ours. While these moments go a long way to brighten our day, the real value in security systems is much more than comic relief. CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is used primarily in video surveillance and has gained massive popularity for homes and businesses for maximizing safety and property. Keep reading for 5 instances when residential and commercial security systems made all the difference.

1. Security Footage from the Coffee Shop

In 2013, a Philadelphia pediatrician, Dr. Melissa Ketunuti, went missing unexpectedly. Her body was later found in the basement of her home. The suspect was quickly identified, and later convicted, through security footage from a local coffee shop. Access to local security footage used in this case allowed local authorities to find justice for the victim and her family.

2. The Good Samaritan

Just last month, a Santa Cruz family had a good Samaritan and their Ring doorbell to thank for saving the lives of their beloved pets. A neighbor was jogging by their house when they noticed smoke coming from a nearby house. Acting quickly, they were able to communicate with the owners of the home through their Ring doorbell security system and evacuate their pets, including 2 dogs, a bunny and a cat.

3. Home Burglary

Florida resident Jeanne Thomas happened to check her security footage just in time to catch home burglars in action. The simple self-installed security setup provided Thomas the ability to monitor her home in real time from her laptop. The investment paid off when she caught two men in her home mid-robbery; a quick call to the local police department resulted in a swift arrest.

4. Avoiding a dangerous situation

In summer of 2020, a Reno resident checked her Ring security camera on her way home from work after receiving a notice of movement on her property. This video footage revealed an armed intruder in her home. The security system provided her the opportunity to call police and catch the culprit without ever putting herself, or anyone else, in a dangerous situation.

5. Help at the right time

Just this past August, Joey Lowe, a resident of Gilmer, Texas, experienced a serious fall on his front porch following serious back surgery. The fall was captured on his home’s Ring security camera and his family was notified immediately of movement on their front porch. His family was able to send for help and have medical experts by his side in record time.

If these remarkable stories haven’t convinced you to invest in much needed security systems, we don’t know what will! Call us today for a free consultation and learn more about a setup to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

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